Friday, July 4, 2008


Not Martin LawrenceWill is far more dignified, and he’s “a real gentleman,” according to Jessica, because he, like, opens doors and stuff. He wasn’t exactly “gentlemanly” in their Lyrical Jazz routine, helping to relieve her of the Blue Shirt of Demur Resistance. In fact, at one point I thought I saw him lick her face.

Hootin' Mary likes them, and Mary knows hot! I'm sure that Hot Tamale Train routine is the reason why they didn’t end up in the bottom three, that, and what Jessica does with her legs.

I was not sorry to see Kourtni go. She spent too much time with her leg up in the air, and the spelling of her name was annoying. I’m relieved Comfort wasn’t cut. She gets more interesting every week.

Either Matt or Thayne going was fine with me, and it was nice to have Gev in the bottom three, just to see him solo. Wow!

The thing about this show—and the reason why we love it so much—is that unlike most reality shows, on So You Think You Can Dance, the drama is real – it’s in the dancers bodies, in the choreography, in the performances. The producers and the judges don't need to torque up the intensity by being nasty, or by putting contestants in compromising situations. The drama is real. I mean, what’s not to love about a show where the contestants cry, the audience cries, and even the judges cry? I watched Season 2 with my tough-guy roommate—he had a crush on Cat Deeley, so he never missed an episode—and I’m certain I saw the sparkle of tears in even his eyes once or twice. And have we ever seen contestants so happy and effusive when they’re cut? They've got nothing to feel bad about: they know they’ve been gifted with long careers in dance.

This is a show where no one really loses (well, except for Mia Michaels, but I suspect she just needs a good anti-depressant).

Fox: So You Think You Can Dance

Welcome. Need a place to talk about the best damn little show that could?

Well, so did we.
I was betting--along with Matt--that Jessica would be going home tonight. Sorry, she's not that good and I just don't see Will as likable enough in spite of being that good.  Never mind that Will can dance, he's far from alone in that particular department this season, and did I mention that every time he smiles I see Martin Lawrence? Other issues with Will, but I digress.

While I'm not exactly happy to see Kourtni go before Jessica, I sorta have to concede that Kourtni couldn't do for Matt what Will has managed--albeit, apparently not without resistance (recall Nigel's "meltdowns" comment)--to do for Jessica (read: carry).

So that's where I'm at. Loved the show last year. Lovin' it even more this year.

We'll have this place up and running in no time. Look for a smart, interactive, fast and intuitive site.

To kick things off, rate this post what you would this past episode. I give it 5 stars.  Oh, and Cat, a tough week for giants, but don't take it personal.  You're still our favorite giant, and that's not going to change.