Saturday, August 2, 2008

Did I say Mark is dorky?

He could dance with these guys.

Travis And Benji SYTYCD - The best video clips are here

Thanks to the sadly defunct BSYTYCD for the link.

SYTYCD: Van Damme Gets Down, Gets it On

Thanks to dooce.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

BSYTYCD Going On Hiatus?

BSYTYCD Going On Hiatus? Well, we're just starting out, but if there are any refugees out there, we're not going anywhere. And we're not green.

SYTYCD: Episode 426 Results Poll and Open Thread

And welcome to all BSYTYCD refugees. Please make yourselves at home.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SYTYCD: Episode 425 Open Thread

As far as I can tell, FOF thinks Chelsie is safe because she's the sexiest of the remaining women, and Katee's going home because she's not as hot as Courtney, but Mark will continue to get the BFF vote, while Joshua gets the anatomy vote, and Twitch loses out and toddles off with Katee.

No. That is not what's going to happen. FOF is out of his mind. Katee is not going home. How could Katee and Will both go home before the top 4? In the whole competition, can you imagine any other pair being able to pull of a pas de deux?
No, you can't.

Twitch is not going home, either, because he'll get the pity vote for his loss of composure last week.

My prediction: Mark is done, and so is Courtney.

If I'm wrong and FOF is right I hereby vow to slog blog my way through the upcoming SYTYCD Canada, provided FOF can come up with a suitable counter-wager.

Pissed-off Fan of the Week: From the Extreme to the Banal

Still in a state of disbelief over the elimination of Will, Stuph from Steph is considering a boycott.

Banal Fan of the Week eats breakfast while catching us up on the shocking events of the Results show. Or what he can remember of them.

UPDATE: I have no idea what TWOP is, but this site deserves special mention for SYTYCD I'm-not-sure-what of the Week.

Was Will Just Too Good for America?

FOF is wrong. It’s not that Mark’s girlfriends wannabe-BFFs were sticking up for him—it’s that people love underdogs, and Mark was in the bottom two the week before, so he got the rebound vote last week, just like Comfort got the rebound vote that kept her in it while Kherington went home.

My theory: Will went home because he was the best dancer. Doesn’t it make sense? If you’ve watched a few seasons of Survivor you know that eliminating the strong competition is a good strategy. People in general like to bring the top dog down, and boost the underdog up. Will had great technical skills, and he was a great partner. He was cool, charming, and classy. In short, Will was the best contender. That’s why America didn’t vote for him. As Nigel said during last Thursday’s results show: “Sometimes they’re so good, that America thinks, ‘I needn’t vote for them, I’ll vote for someone else.’”

Maddie and Janet think Will was overconfident (near the end).

Was Will overconfident? I don't think so. I think he was just that good.

FOF also seems to think it’s all about voting for sex, but if that were true, Will would still be in the top six, and one of the other guys would have gone home instead. Because Joshua? maybe when I was sixteen. No—not even then. It’s funny how guys can never figure out what women find attractive about other guys. Some of us think dorky guys are hot.

UPDATE: Maybe FOF is right, after all. SueB says that while she recognized Will's skills, she was just not that into him.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Voting For Mark

I just want to thank everyone who voted for Mark last week (for voting). I was voting for Mark too, and will be voting for him again, but not actually voting. So, I really do appreciate those of you who actually vote (for Mark).

Was it really a surprise that Mark didn't go home and that Will did? No, not to me, but yes, it was to my wife. Why? Well, the way I figure it, most any woman would pick Mark last among those final 4 guys to have sex with. So naturally she figures that's the way the votes will go. However, Joshua gets most all of the votes of the women who are voting purely on sex appeal (and that's most of the votes too) which levels the playing field for the rest of the guys who end up competing for the votes of the women who decide based on which guy they'd like to be "just friends" with. Mark is the easy favorite there. No risk of sexual tension whatsoever.

Of course Twitch is an affable sort. But here is where his sex appeal, while not overwhelming, ultimately works to Marks favor. That's why I predict that Mark is safe for another week (now that all of his girlfriends are sticking up for him) and Twitch, your time has come.

As for which of the girls is going home this week. Courtney, I'm sorry, but it has to be you. Or does it? You know, I think this is one of those times when the conventional wisdom is past its sell date. Courtney, I take it back. You are safe.

Katee, while no one expects it, I'm afraid your time is up. Yes, I'm going out on a limb, for sure, but I'm guessing that your fan base, while loyal, just isn't that big after all, and with Courtney's fans on notice (to vote), and Chelesie's fans voting for fear her weak-ass solos are putting her at risk every single week, I do believe an upset is about due. And an odd upset at that, since to be honest Katee, I'm really not sure what made you into such a sure thing in the first place.

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