Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD: Feeling the Top Ten

Gev: I’m ready to see him go home just for the way he drools all over his partners. Gev is one of those guys. You know—one who blithely ignores the fact that your body is not in close proximity to his because you can’t resist his manly hotness, but because the job demands it, and his using the opportunity to hump your leg doesn't make you want to take him back to your room, it just makes you feel squicked-out and too uptight to do your best work. I just know that at some point Chelsie and Courtney have exchanged a look that says, "Sister, I feel your pain.”

And did I hear it right—after the second dance between Gev and Chelsie, did Mary actually say, “It was respectful. It was respectful”? Because that would be a slip of the freudian variety.

Comfort (now I’m channeling Mia): “Comfort, you’ve been hurt, and now you won’t let anyone get close. Your fear stops the chemistry from catching fire. You’re emotionally unavailable, and we can all see it.” I'm a fan of Comfort, but I get the sense that she's doing her best not to feel it.

Will: I think we haven’t seen half of what he’s capable of, and I want him stick around long enough to show us.

Katee: Katee is the best dancer on the show. I’ll hate it when if the voters send her home ahead of a prettier dancer.

Mark: Yawn. Was having Kherington as a partner really that uninspiring? Dude was phoning it in. I was so not feeling it.

Ouch. Looking like Sharon Stone might just keep her in it for another week, which is too bad, because Comfort is so much more fun to watch. Double plus unfeel.

Chelsie: She’s awesome, but I couldn’t stop cringing for her the whole time she was dancing with Gev. Please people, send him home.

Twitch: He’s got a lot of personality, and I have a wee crush on him, but he should go home soon (just not before Gev).

Courtney: She seems so much more comfortable with Joshua (“He’s such a man!") than she did with Gev. I feel Courtney, but it's a small feel.

Joshua: Break-out dazzler of the night. Wow. I thought his “It’s so much more than just dance” was over-the-top pandering cheese, but apparently he really is that sweet. I loved his face buried in Courtney’s hair. So, so hot. I am feeling Joshua. Nigel is, too. Nigel sez: “You were just so butch all the way through it, but a lot of women like that.” It’s true, Nigel, we do. That must have been awfully hard on you.

Most sublime comment of the night:

Mary: "Dancing doesn’t build character, it just reveals it."


SYTYCD: Compare the solos

From Season 2, Heidi:


No Emmy Nomination for Cat Deeley

What the hell is the matter with those people? Here's the list that the adorable, fabulous, incomparable Cat is not on:

Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality - Competition Program

American IdolFOX • Ryan Seacrest, Host
Dancing With The StarsABC • Tom Bergeron, Host
Deal Or No DealNBC • Howie Mandel, Host
Project RunwayBravo • Heidi Klum, Host
SurvivorCBS • Jeff Probst, Host

Seriously—Howie Mandel? They've got to be kidding.

(thanks to Ted Natalie at BSYTYCD for the heads-up)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

SYTYCD Episode 421 Top Ten Open Thread

Comfort Courtney Chelsie Kherington Katee

Joshua Twitch Mark Gev Will

SYTYCD Pissed off Fan of the Week: Me.

I’m going to miss Jessica. Murghi over on Bored Morons was threatening to start a “Leave Jessica Alone!” campaign, and I read about someone printing up “I love Jessica King” t-shirts. It would have been fun to watch fans escalate their outraged support for Jessica each week as the judges trashed her.

BSYTYCD thinks Mia Michaels needs to get laid. Noting that Mia broke up with her boyfriend this spring, Ted writes:
I'm not gonna say it, but given her ornery disposition lately, you know what we're all thinking.
Mia claims that her brand of brutal honesty is all for the benefit of the dancers:
"What America doesn't know is the relationship. There's a beautiful, beautiful collaboration and very nurturing [atmosphere]. For me especially, I nurture them. I'm Mamma Mia and they look to me for that tough love actually. So, when I say it, American might go, 'Oh my God, that's so harsh.' [The dancers] are cool with it. They know. They know I only want them to be brilliant."
And, okay—I get that Mia doesn’t like wusses:
You can't be a victim to be in the dance business. You have to be a warrior
But since Jessica withdrew from the show, I’ve read variously that she had been dancing with one, two and three broken ribs, an injured knee, a punctured lung, pneumonia, and a broken wrist. So does Mia still think Jessica was “just there for the ride”, or is she a warrior, like Mia?


It’s all cool, tho’! Mia was just telling her truth. Like she says:
Your reality is your reality. Your perception is your perception. Whatever your truth is, it is. Trying to understand the difference between your truth and the truth of others that has been embedded in your consciousness and being is a great challenge. How do we honestly know the difference? Go inside of yourself…
HOLD ON! I may be going out on a limb here, but exactly whose truth is Mia speaking when she says
“Will, you look tired of carrying her [Jessica]. That's what I feel like. You've been carrying her for this entire time and you look tired. You're tired. You need a new partner”?
And, like me, bBitz registered disbelief when Mia commented on Twitch’s krumping last week:
"Scary! It was your life!" What?!?! How the buck does she know that?! I hope she knows something and she's not just assuming.
More Reality According to Mia:
Your perception of your truth is what is, at this moment, in this time, and most likely ever changing. Everyone being wired and divinely programmed differently has their own truth. Every truth is valid and perhaps it’s the complete opposite of others’. Does it mean it’s wrong? Nothing is right or wrong…

It just is. Right or wrong is merely just your own judgment and perception. Creating my own right and my own reality, and beauty on a stage or screen is my truth at this time. My own vision and instincts are what makes me…me. My timing, phrasing, and choice of vocabulary is my right […]

I’ve dreamt of the life im living as a fantasy… Now it is my reality…My goal and treasure is to learn to pat myself on my back, smile and exhale… And most of all to open my eyes to the beautiful blessed life i have been given.
Now I get it! It's really all about Mia.

SYTYCD: Best Recap of the Week

bBitz at TVGasm posted his recap just this morning. Funny bits:
Lil' C says this is going to be "BUCK". This is "Krump Talk" for "Super!". Kton is worried she is not "feelin' it" so they dress her up and try to make her look "Buck".
She looks bucking retarded
Up next - Twitchington - and they're doing a tango with Jean-Marc. This routine is supposed to be like "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". So apparently it will destroy a marriage and culminate with twins.

SPECIAL MENTION: Most Cerebral Recap of the Week - Leee at TYBE. I especially loved his LOLCATDEELEY of the Week (and now I'm waiting for: "I can haz new hairstylist?").

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mia Michaels is Shirley MacLaine

I tell people all the time that I'm telepathic, and no one believes me, but how else do you explain my comment and Mia's column (which I swear I did not read before today)?

(Thanks to Ted at BSYTYCD for the link)

SYTYCD: The Dance Belt

How much reality is too much? I don't know about you, but knowledge of the existence of the dance belt has made my day a little brighter.

SYTYCD: Comfort Fedoke is Back and Jessica is Out!

"'I'd like to get off this subject as quickly as possible,' Lythgoe added during the session, noting that most recently eliminated semi-finalist Comfort Fedoke will take [Jessica's] place." -- The Feed